Bronx Community Research Review Board

Bronx Community
Research Review

What is CERA?

The Community Engaged Research Academy is a 2-year Bronx Community-Based Research Project, that aims to:

Are you a resident or a patient in the Bronx? Do you have a lot to say about the way research is done in the Bronx? Do you take care of/provide services to Bronx patients?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, apply to the Community Engaged Research Academy!

For questions regarding CERA,

contact the Project Lead, Dr. Monique Guishard, at


Project Coordinator, Al Greene, at


call 1-718-590-2965

The Community Engaged Research Academy is funded through a PCORI Eugene Washington Engagement Award.

CERA is an academy organized, created, and coordinated by Bronxites for Bronxites!