Bronx Community Research Review Board

Bronx Community
Research Review

Dale Miller

Dale Miller identifies as a Black gay man using pronouns He/ Him/ His.  Dale has lived in the Bronx for a little more than 3 years and represents the central Bronx neighborhoods bordering Pelham Parkway (North and South) along White Plains and Boston Rds. He has been a Certified Institutional Review Board Professional for 8 years and works at The Rockefeller University. Dale previously worked at Harlem United AIDS Center, participated in the NYC HIV Prevention Planning Group, worked for the Medical Director on the NYC jail Rikers Island, and developed and conducted a survey administered to residents in Harlem to develop HIV awareness and prevention materials. While not a CERA graduate he brings administrative skills, IRB expertise, courage and a deep desire to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual health of residents in the Bronx. For Dale ethics in research means equitable distribution of research opportunities, the fruits of research, acknowledgment of research abuses and current disparities and engagement of practices to improve. Dale hopes to gain fellowship, knowledge and the satisfaction of helping improve the lives of Bronx residents by participating in the CRRB. Dale can be contacted by email at