Bronx Community
Research Review

We appreciate and love all of our members. Please check back soon for the bios and photos of our members: Prakriti Hassan, Marzetta Harris, and Marcia Stoddard-Pennant.

Kevin Date

Kevin Date (He/Him/His) is Black man of Caribbean descent. He was born and raised in Brooklyn but has much love for the Bronx. He did a semester at the Lehman campus as a Bronx Community College student before enrolling at Brooklyn College, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business, Finance Management. Kevin, a US Army veteran, has been a patient/employee of the Bronx VA hospital since 2011 and now serves as the Chief of Accounting.

During his college years, Kevin participated in numerous medical research studies with various hospitals and universities in NYC. He believes the CRRB’s mission is righteous and a necessity. Kevin has served as the webmaster for BxCRRB since 2020 and is very humbled to be part of the team. He is motivated to continue to learn and contribute. Kevin can be reached via email at

Rashema K. White

Rashema K WhiteRashema K. White (She, Her) is an African American Bronx born native, currently representing the Parkchester section of the Bronx. She formerly worked as a Dialysis Technician dedicating 20 years of life as a caregiver and educator to Bronx natives. Rashema loves to educate patients and families on the importance of kidney care and following a renal diet once diagnosed with kidney failure. Rashema has currently moved on to work with the Department of Health and Health Hospitals joint efforts to help residents of New York City overcome Covid 19, with the help of contact tracing.

Rashema became a member of the BxCRRB in 2018, after graduating from CERA in 2017, where she was taught about research and how it can be used to change the quality of your life, if used responsively. Rashema was taught about the importance of ethics and research and how these two entities must become one, in order to show respect, care, love and dignity to the communities involved in the research. When the opportunity arose to be a part of the BxCRRB, she was overjoyed to accept the position. While on the BxCRRB, Rashema would like to continue to educate Bronx residents on the importance of community-based research, along with educating researchers on the dignity they must show Bronx residents when allowed in these communities.

Rashema is currently working on a children’s book and creating a space to help encourage young women facing kidney failure. Rashema can be reached via email at:

Dr. Devin A. Heyward

Devin A. Heyward, Ph.D. (she/her/hers) is a Black cis-gender woman who has lived in the Soundview section of the Bronx on and off for the last 16 years. She spent most of her formative years in New Rochelle, NY. Devin has worked at Lehman College as an adjunct instructor in Psychology, as well as the program coordinator for the CUNY Institute for Health Equity (CIHE). Currently, Devin is an Assistant Professor of Sociology, Urban Studies, and Anthropology, the Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the Director of the Gender and Sexuality Studies program at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City.

As a patient, Devin is a carrier for Sickle Cell Anemia. Devin first became involved with the CRRB as a CERA facilitator. At the conclusion of CERA 2018, she joined as a member and was eventually elected to the Board of Directors. She hopes that through the work and guidance of the CRRB, researchers will create projects that centers and respects the agency and needs of Bronx residents. Additionally, Devin hopes that ethics are expanded to include cultural and historical understandings of our communities. Her research analyzes how racial identity changes over the lifespan and how it is influenced by self-initiated encounter events, in particular genetic ancestry testing. Prior to joining Saint Peter’s University, Devin taught several courses at The City College of New York, Lehman College, The Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY), and SUNY Empire State College. She can be contacted at the following email address: (website forthcoming)

Alexandria Sumner

Alexandria Sumner (she/her/elle) comes from a multiracial background of Black, Native American, and Afro Caribbean/Latina descent. She was a long-time resident of the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY, and made The Bronx her home in 2007. Alexandria reps the Parkchester and North East region of The Bronx.

She is a Certified Pharmacy Technician with a specialty in clinical pharmacy and managed care. She is also a CASAC-T(credentialed alcohol substance abuse counselor – trainee). She has over a decade of experience as a union delegate with 1199 SEIU HealthCare Workers East, where she started her activism for health care issues. She is also an advocate for Black Maternal Care, which progressed into her becoming a Postpartum Birthworker. She has a passion for Holistic health and believes that with the proper access to nourishment, people can be healed.

She is a Bronx Community College Alumni and is currently completing her Bachelor’s in Community Health with a concentration in Public Health. She plans on pursuing her Master’s in Social Work and Public Health in the near future. Alexandria joined the CRRB after witnessing too many folx, BIPOC, being mistreated by the many who take an oath, to do no harm to them. She hopes to provide impactful insight from a community perspective. She hopes that her membership from the CRRB will gain her resources to better the community. Alexandria is a member of the New York State Council of Health-systems Pharmacist and a PCORI Ambassador. She is a mother of three amazing children, a plant mom, and has a full-service travel agency.

You can reach Alexandria through her email accounts: and for travel only:

Allison L. Cabana

Allison L. Cabana (she/her) is a queer mixed descent Latina critical social psychologist. She spent much of her life growing up in California and comes from a family with a mother of Mexican descent and a white father. Allison has lived in New York since 2014, and has worked in the Bronx since 2017 when she began teaching at Bronx Community College. She also currently works at Hostos Community College. Allison is a CUNY Graduate Student, Adjunct CUNY Instructor, and Writing Across the Curriculum Fellow working in different colleges across the CUNY system. Allison was a facilitator at CERA in 2017 and 2018, and learned a great deal about research history, Bronx history, and ethics through attending CERA sessions. She joined BxCRRB because of her commitment to justice and her commitment to de-centering institutionally produced (and hoarded) knowledge as the “only” recognized knowledge. Allison hopes to continue to learn about public health, the history of research and ethics, and how she can be a part of transforming the spaces she is in – at school, at work, and in her communities. Allison is also hopeful to continue to be a part of communities that increase access to everything for everyone and democratize the processes of research and health education – especially for folks and communities who have been historically marginalized. You can reach her via email at or


Jewel Webber-Brown

Jewel Webber-Brown (she/her) is an Afro- Caribbean Bronx resident, a photographer, a website builder, author, and small business owner. She is aware of the many changes in her community and wants to have a say, by taking part in developing solutions. She graduated from Bronx Community College. Jewel is associated with the Bronx Health Outreach, the Bronx NAACP chapter, the Barbuda Relief Network, and Be Soaked In Prayer Ministries. Jewel is passionate about her rights, her loved ones, and nature. She applied to be a part of CERA because she is committed to lifelong learning. She graduated from CERA in 2018. Jewel uses what she learned in the academy to become a better advocate. Jewel also works with the Bronx Times Reporter to photograph and document social issues in the Bronx. 

You can reach her at

Jewel’s websites are and

Albert Greene

Albert Greene (He/Him/His) is a  Black and African American male. Al represents the South Bronx ‘Historical district” for over 30 years. He joined the BxCRRB at the beginning of 2017 as the project coordinator and webmaster for the BxCRRB and the CERA project. Albert’s educational background is in Sports Management and Health Information Technology. His interest in combatting environmental racism and decolonizing anthropology led them to join the BxCRRB’s mission to shift the culture of health research. Albert’s hope for the Bronx is for residents to fight against prejudices in health through storytelling and community engagement.

Dale Miller

Dale Miller identifies as a Black gay man using pronouns He/ Him/ His.  Dale has lived in the Bronx for a little more than 3 years and represents the central Bronx neighborhoods bordering Pelham Parkway (North and South) along White Plains and Boston Rds. He has been a Certified Institutional Review Board Professional for 8 years and works at The Rockefeller University. Dale previously worked at Harlem United AIDS Center, participated in the NYC HIV Prevention Planning Group, worked for the Medical Director on the NYC jail Rikers Island, and developed and conducted a survey administered to residents in Harlem to develop HIV awareness and prevention materials. While not a CERA graduate he brings administrative skills, IRB expertise, courage and a deep desire to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual health of residents in the Bronx. For Dale ethics in research means equitable distribution of research opportunities, the fruits of research, acknowledgment of research abuses and current disparities and engagement of practices to improve. Dale hopes to gain fellowship, knowledge and the satisfaction of helping improve the lives of Bronx residents by participating in the CRRB. Dale can be contacted by email at


Jayleecia Smith

Jayleecia (she/her/hers) is a Black cis-gendered woman, who has lived in the Williamsbridge section of the Bronx for the past 25 years (and counting!). While she was temporarily out of state for high school and college, she returned to work in the Bronx in 2016, and joined the BxCRRB shortly after. Though she was involved in basic science research at the time, Jayleecia began to grow more curious about research at the human level, and wanted to learn more about the intricacies, history, and ethics of community-based research. She was particularly interested in the BxCRRB’s role in research review, in challenging the power dynamic in the research relationship, and in the sharing back of research results with research participants and their communities. By joining the BxCRRB, and graduating as a student of CERA 2017, she began to gain more information about how she could contribute to these processes. Through the BxCRRB, Jayleecia has developed a greater understanding of the power that lies in providing folks the space to tell their stories, particularly in regards to their health. She hopes that her membership in the BxCRRB will continue to challenge her understanding of what it means to be accountable to the communities we love, serve and are situated in, and what it looks like to fully engage with marginalized populations in all parts of the research process. Jayleecia is currently pursuing her M.D. at Weill Cornell Medical College, and as she navigates her career in medicine, she hopes to draw upon her experiences with the BxCRRB to address health disparities and to meld community engagement with clinical practice. She is affiliated with Prep for Prep, Bronx Community Health Leaders (BxCHL), and the Student National Medical Association (SNMA). She can be contacted via email at: