Bronx Community Research Review Board

Bronx Community
Research Review

Please Read…Our Official Email is [email protected]…Please Read

Family, we’d like to take a moment to clarify what our CORRECT email account is. Please email us [email protected] NOT at [email protected].

Briefly, The BxCRRB started as a grant funded feasibility study out of The Bronx Health Link (TBHL). TBHL created the BxCRRB@gmail account in 2013. Folx* active on the board, wanted to continue to work independently from TBHL. We established ourselves as a separate organization in December of 2019. Please use [email protected] for all future correspondence. For more about BxCRRB history, please see:

*Folx is gender neutral and trans inclusive for “folks.”

We look forward to hearing from you!

One Love, The BxCRRB