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Bronx Community
Research Review

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The BxCRRB is now accepting applications!

If you would like to receive community consultation from the BxCRRB, complete the form below, you can also download the pdf, by visiting this link:

BxCRRB Research Application Form 2024.

Please submit your application at least two weeks prior to our monthly meetings.

Our upcoming meetings are:

Meeting locations to be announced.

BEFORE you proceed with this application, PLEASE:

READ the BxCRRB brochure and our About Us page on

ATTACH the following to your application:

  • An abstract of your proposed study in jargon free language.
  • Your curriculum vitae or resume.
  • Copies of documents (publications/reports) relevant to this proposal.
  • Study materials and anything else you would like us to consult on (ex. consent forms, questionnaires, survey instruments, focus group(s) guides, semi-structured interview guides, flyers/ads).

KNOW that this service is provided free of charge to researchers, however:

  • You will be asked to complete a post-meeting evaluation form in exchange for our review.
  • We will use your responses to questions on this form in our popular education and scholarly writings about the importance of community research review processes. We will share writeups, with you, prior to publication so that you may edit details. In the event that you, the researcher, disagrees with details of our characterization of a review session, we will include your perspective in the writeup as a means of honoring multiple viewpoints on this process.

BE AWARE that:

  • We do not recruit participants!
  • Our review does not constitute an endorsement of your research.

Review Proposal Application for Investigators


  • Principal Investigator(s) Contact Information



  • Please include: A. The name and brief description of the agency B. The name of a contact person C. Email/phone number D. When the partnership was established E. Website of the agency F. The address of the agency G. Is there a memorandum of understanding defining any roles and responsibilities of partnership members? If so, explain.
  • Consider how they will be engaged throughout various steps in the research process, including: formulation on research questions, research design, protocol implementation, dissemination of results, analysis and interpretation of results, training of community residents/CBO, and the formulation of risks and benefits in participation.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.