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BxCRRB Hosts Three Ethics Retreats at Metropolitan College of New York

October 31, 2017


The Bronx Community Research Review Board has been moving full steam ahead as they close out the last meeting of their three-part ethics retreat. Led by Dr. Monique Guishard & Nicky Smith, the chair and coordinator respectively, the BxCRRB engaged in four-hour long sessions on ethics, informed consent, the history of research abuses, and on the benefits of community-engaged research.

The last retreat, held on October 28th, closed with a mock-review session of a research study on food insecurity in the Bronx with Dr. Tanzina Ahmed and Dr. Rositsa Ilieva.

“As novice health researchers, we were grappling with the ethical dilemma of how to treat the student participants within our study with dignity while also helping them find 

access to  resources within the college campus and surrounding community. Thanks to your helpful suggestions, we will compile a one-page list of resources we will hand out to all of our participants.” — Dr. Ahmed


If you are a researcher that would like to have your study/research proposal reviewed by the BxCRRB before it is submitted to an IRB, send us your application here.



The BxCRRB would like to thank Metropolitan College of New York’s Bronx Extension Campus for providing space and they would also like to thank Dr. Emily Andersen for her CIRTification curriculum.