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Allison L. Cabana

Allison L. Cabana (she/her) is a queer mixed descent Latina critical social psychologist. She spent much of her life growing up in California and comes from a family with a mother of Mexican descent and a white father. Allison has lived in New York since 2014, and has worked in the Bronx since 2017 when she began teaching at Bronx Community College. She also currently works at Hostos Community College. Allison is a CUNY Graduate Student, Adjunct CUNY Instructor, and Writing Across the Curriculum Fellow working in different colleges across the CUNY system. Allison was a facilitator at CERA in 2017 and 2018, and learned a great deal about research history, Bronx history, and ethics through attending CERA sessions. She joined BxCRRB because of her commitment to justice and her commitment to de-centering institutionally produced (and hoarded) knowledge as the “only” recognized knowledge. Allison hopes to continue to learn about public health, the history of research and ethics, and how she can be a part of transforming the spaces she is in – at school, at work, and in her communities. Allison is also hopeful to continue to be a part of communities that increase access to everything for everyone and democratize the processes of research and health education – especially for folks and communities who have been historically marginalized. You can reach her via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

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