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Jewel Webber-Brown

Jewel Webber-Brown (she/her) is an Afro- Caribbean Bronx resident, a photographer, a website builder, author, and small business owner. She is aware of the many changes in her community and wants to have a say, by taking part in developing solutions. She graduated from Bronx Community College. Jewel is associated with the Bronx Health Outreach, the Bronx NAACP chapter, the Barbuda Relief Network, and Be Soaked In Prayer Ministries. Jewel is passionate about her rights, her loved ones, and nature. She applied to be a part of CERA because she is committed to lifelong learning. She graduated from CERA in 2018. Jewel uses what she learned in the academy to become a better advocate. Jewel also works with the Bronx Times Reporter to photograph and document social issues in the Bronx.

You can reach her at [email protected]

Jewel’s websites are and

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