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Marcia Stoddard-Pennant

Marcia Stoddard-Pennant is a Bronx patient, resident, caregiver and advocate who migrated from Jamaica, West Indies and lived in the Northeast section of the Bronx since 2006. She refers herself as someone who goes places where no one wants to go in conversations. Marcia identifies herself as black and gender pronouns are: She/Her/Hers. She is a mother, wife, daughter, sister and aunt who have dedicate herself to the work of Health Education and Promotion giving special focus to pregnant mothers and residents in low income communities. Marcia attends Bronx Community College where she majored in Community School Health and in 2012 entered Lehman College where she pursues both her Bachelors and Masters in Health Education and Promotion. It raises my eye brows to see how little or no information is given in colleges or universities about research. Prior to CERA I worked as a Community Health Worker in low income neighborhoods by educating them on the issues of health that affects them which includes health insurance, the importance of having a primary care physician, how to prepare for their primary care visits and health homes. Current project working on is COVID-19 through Health and Hospital Corporation by supporting staff in reaching their goals in such difficult times, assisting in two local church food pantries in packing and distributing food to community residents.

I applied to be a part CERA because there are other individuals who share the same passion and goals to be better community residents by wanting to do more in making a change in improving health which will happen through research. Marcia will use what she learns in CERA to see the health and well being of members of our communities reaches the point where they are educated about various if not all diseases that affects them and to prevent them before it happens. Having every member being involved in decision making that affects them is another dream I would love to see happen.

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