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Prakriti Hassan

Prakriti Hassan (she/her) was a long-time Bronx resident who currently resides in Queens. Prakriti moved to NYC from Bangladesh, and moved to the South Bronx in high school where she lived for more than two decades. Prakriti has been a part of the BxCRRB since 2017 and has worked in various positions across CUNY, the Public Science Project, and in collaboration with community orgs in the Bronx and Manhattan. She has extensive experience and expertise in quantitative and qualitative methods, with a particular emphasis on participatory surveys and participatory analysis of research. Prakriti and her family are Bronx patients who have accessed care across the neighborhood health systems – and she has a dedicated interest in advocating for patients in the Bronx. Ethics in research and healthcare for Prakriti means anti-racist, anti-ableist, and responsive care that addresses the wants and needs of the ACTUAL community members – centering the needs of Black, Brown, and marginalized communities. Her membership in the BxCRRB is an important part of how she offers her knowledge and engagement with research and providers doing work in The Bronx and she is especially committed to reviewing studies. Prakriti is the current Treasurer of the BxCRRRB, Inc and can be reached at [email protected].

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