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Rashema K. White

Rashema K. White (She, Her) is an African American Bronx born native, currently representing the Parkchester section of the Bronx. She formerly worked as a Dialysis Technician dedicating 20 years of life as a caregiver and educator to Bronx natives. Rashema loves to educate patients and families on the importance of kidney care and following a renal diet once diagnosed with kidney failure. Rashema has currently moved on to work with the Department of Health and Health Hospitals joint efforts to help residents of New York City overcome Covid 19, with the help of contact tracing.

Rashema became a member of the BxCRRB in 2018, after graduating from CERA in 2017, where she was taught about research and how it can be used to change the quality of your life, if used responsively. Rashema was taught about the importance of ethics and research and how these two entities must become one, in order to show respect, care, love and dignity to the communities involved in the research. When the opportunity arose to be a part of the BxCRRB, she was overjoyed to accept the position. While on the BxCRRB, Rashema would like to continue to educate Bronx residents on the importance of community-based research, along with educating researchers on the dignity they must show Bronx residents when allowed in these communities.

Rashema is currently working on a children’s book and creating a space to help encourage young women facing kidney failure. Rashema can be reached via email at: [email protected].

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